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6 Reasons Why Puzzles Are Cognitive Candies for Kids
October 26, 2022

Have you ever seen the look of concentration and level of focus on your child’s face trying to fit a certain puzzle piece to its corresponding board cutouts? 

You surely feel proud when your little one is engaged in a puzzle and occupied for hours and hours. Being this preoccupied only signifies how happy your child is.

This kind of educational toy entertains your child and helps them learn about the world around them.

Puzzles are magical games that never go out of style and are a source of focus and concentration since 1767. Pediatricians have always recommended puzzles  during infancy and early childhood development. They’re also go-to teaching resources for experts as they signify healthy development. And a great supporter of such a game with a variety of endless options is HooDoo2, the home of brain-stimulating toys. 

If you are still wondering whether puzzle toys are right for your child, then read on for more information about how they can support your child’s cognitive development and personal growth.

Hands-on Toys, like Puzzles, Are Always the Answer

Nowadays, many parents feel pressured by the infinite advertisements promoting tablet-based toys. Parents have a huge misconception and should get rid of it when buying toys, they think that the best toy for their child is the most expensive one or the one full of whistles and technological buttons. Is it really the case? Does it really boost their critical thinking skills? Everything is already there, they just need to press on the button to hear a specific sound and laugh. Mendelsohn, a pediatrician at NYU Langone Health in New York, prefers simple hands-on toys where the parents and the child play together and puzzles have their way of keeping the child’s brain ticking over all while having fun.

Below are 6 benefits Puzzles can give your child.

  1. Develops Problem-Solving Skills

Have you ever noticed the look of confusion on your child’s face and the times they scratched their head trying to figure out how to complete the puzzle? That is a big proof of the power of puzzles to challenge your child’s mind. This developmental toy encourages your little one to think well in order to check if this puzzle piece fits here or not! Puzzles teach them about conflict resolution as well. For instance, when they get stuck on a specific puzzle piece, they will exert more effort thinking of the appropriate solution. Afterall, they can’t skip a step to get to the end.

  1. Enhances Social and Emotional Development

Playmates always beautify any game and puzzles are great toys for social engagement. The dynamic of the game allows for teamwork. As children grow up, they start to seek attention from their friends and choose games that only require multiple players and puzzles offer this option. As a result, the child develops their communication skills and becomes socially active. Also, children are going to face different situations where they will experience anger, laughter, crying, and frustration. This way, they will learn to adapt to varying emotional situations and how to respond. Children will also practice patience as they will retry solving the puzzle each time with a different approach to figure out the right combination.

  1. Boosts Cognitive Development

Comprehension and organizing ideas define cognitive abilities. When kids play with puzzles, they are actually learning the power of strategy through trial and error. They will try to fit different pieces to one another. Then, they begin to recognize and understand the right pieces that fit together to complete the larger picture. Hence, they develop a strategy to stick to throughout the game and expand their thinking capacities.

  1. Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

The relationship between their hands and their eyes will greatly develop. The reason for this is because they will continuously try to link what their eyes see and what their hands do with what their brain relates to this information, while having lots of fun! At this point, hands, eyes, and brain all cooperate together and form a strong connection to place the puzzle piece in the right position. This aspect is needed throughout their lives to accomplish tasks like writing, driving, and playing sports.

  1. Reinforces Creativity

Puzzle toys are loved by kids not only for their lovely design, but for how interactive they are. They allow your child to think of different ways to form the big picture, hence nurturing their creativity and imagination. Some types of puzzles have nearly 1,000 possible solutions. They will think of multiple creative solutions and explore possibilities to come up with the best approach to fit puzzle pieces to their corresponding places.

Puzzles really know how to bring out the creativity in every child. Children will grow up into adults, who are able to figure out diverse solutions no matter what life throws at them.

  1. Develops Fine-Motor Skills

When kids play puzzles, they are not only having fun but giving their fingers a good workout. They pinch them to pick puzzle pieces and place them accurately or squeeze their fingers in between to remove a certain misplaced piece. These small movements offer great practice for learning how to write and hold a pencil properly.

Looking for a store that sells these age-appropriate educational toys for your child? All parents can now rest with the presence of HooDoo2, a one-stop shop for brain- stimulating toys, that offers a wide selection of wonderful puzzle toy options for every age with different difficulty levels. They even sell busy bags that are full of creativity inside. Your child will get busy unpacking the different educational toys, along with puzzles, that are happily compiled for your little one. This busy bag can help your child learn easier by giving the proper developmental toys at every stage as it is full of various games. Visit HooDoo2’s website to take a look at our top picks of the best educational toys that are guaranteed to make your toddler or preschooler’s soul smile.

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