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About HooDoo2

We love to encourage your kids to learn through imaginative and independent play.

About HooDoo2

We love to encourage your kids to learn through imaginative and independent play.

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What Is HooDoo2?

girl holding the sticker book fairy princess
HooDoo2’s toys and games ‌engage children in learning with fun activities that will keep them occupied for hours. Each activity sparks creativity, independence and concentration.

Our Story

HooDoo2 is the first Busy Bag brand in the Middle East. And we are proud of it.

HooDoo2 is an Arabic word for calm. This is what we wholeheartedly stand for. Calmness all around, especially for your children. Our Busy Bags ‌minimize screen time and instead entertain children with independent and imaginative play.

With the help and advice from teachers in the United Kingdom, all items are sourced and shipped directly from the UK. This way we guarantee the best for your children.

Packed into 100% reusable cotton bags, our Busy Bags are here to make your lives easier wherever you go. Whether you’re traveling, going to a doctor’s appointment or a restaurant, visiting family or simply need a few hours off at home, we’ve got you.


HooDoo2 is here to keep the little hands busy and smart minds engaged with handpicked activities that nurture independence, creativity and fine skills.
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We aim to become a leader in providing educational and fun toys for all children, ensuring both children and parents are happy and healthy.

WHY HooDoo2

We’ve worked hard to design Busy Bags that will stimulate and entertain your child for hours. All the activities will add to your child’s emotional and physical development while having fun and forgetting about screen-time.

Our Values

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Continuous Learning







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Our Happy Customers

“We’ve seen such a change in our daughter’s focus and attention span since using Hoodoo’s toys.”

Mohamad Al Matir

“I would recommend these toys to any parent looking for a way to help their child focus & learn.”

Fatima Rached

“I love that Hoodoo’ offers custom-picked toy collections! It made it so easy for me to find the perfect gifts for my kids.”

Fahd El Rached

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