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Fun Yet Educational Games In Our Busy Bags

Bringing you the first Bag filled with educational games for kids in the Middle East.
Filter by age and gender to surprise your children with endless fun and spark their imagination and independence.

two boys and a girl playing with toys

What’s A
Busy Bag?

kids playing with hoodoo2 busy bags

Busy bags are filled with our carefully selected educational games, English learning toys, and books that will keep your children’s attention for hours. Each activity is handpicked to match age and gender, and develop your children’s emotional and physical skills.

These educational Bags are easy to carry wherever you go – from traveling and long car journeys to restaurants and doctor’s appointments.

hoodoo2 busy bags

Focus and improve concentration while encouraging independent play and creativity.

hoodoo2 busy bags
  • Designed To Match Age & Gender
  • Encourage Independent Learning
  • Collaborative Play
  • Sourced & Imported By British Teachers
  • Improve Cognitive & Social Skills
  • Surprise Toys Inside

What’s Inside A Busy Bag? Fun, Educational Games

Shop Now! Filter
By Age & Gender

toys for all ages and genders
toys for all ages and genders
parents playing with their kids using busy bags

Why Parents Love
Busy Bags!

parents playing with their kids using busy bags
  • They keep kids busy for hours
  • They are screen-free activities
  • Easy to use and take with you everywhere
  • 100% Durable & Reusable cotton bag
  • They improve sleep patterns and behaviour
  • They develop early literacy skills

“We’ve seen such a change in our daughter’s focus and attention span since using Hoodoo’s toys.”

Mohamad Al Matir

“I would recommend these toys to any parent looking for a way to help their child focus & learn.”

Fatima Rached

“I love that Hoodoo’ offers custom-picked toy collections! It made it so easy for me to find the perfect gifts for my kids.”

Fahd El Rached