Our Hoodoo2 Busy Bags

Spending too much time looking at a screen can impact on your child's sleeping patterns, their cognitive learning as well as their interpersonal skills.

Our HooDoo2 Kids Busy Bags will give your children hours of interesting and exciting screen free activities, packed with books, toys and fun educational kits that will develop your child's critical skills in an enjoyable way.

From building sets that develop fine motor skills to educational reading book and workbooks, each busy bag is the perfect blend of education and entertainment. Ideal for travelling, weekends away and days spent stuck indoors.

All you have to do is choose which age group will suit your child best.

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The kids were so exited about the HooDoo2 Bags, it was fun to watch. The gift bag itself is amazing, heavy duty and colorful, and the kids still use it to day for their other stuff as well.

Joelle K.

My little girl loved her HooDoo2 bag and everything in it, she was so excited to open it, and she enjoyed them for hours. Totally age appropriate and great value, and we will definitely order again.