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Frequently Asked Questions

What are HooDoo2 Kids Busy Bags?

We offer readymade kids busy bags, packed full of educational and fun items. Ideal for travel, weekends away, in the car, restaurants, weddings, visiting relatives or even at home. Our bags are designed to entertain children in a fun and educational way, engaging children across different learning platforms. 

What are your bags made from?

Our busy bags are made from 100% organic cotton and are printed in the Middle East. The bags are designed to be reusable, and are therefore more environmentally friendly. Cotton is well known for having breathable and naturally hypoallergenic qualities. 

Are there any restrictions with your bags?

Due to choking hazards, we do not recommend giving our bags to children under the age of 1 year. For children under 3, we strongly advise supervision at all times. Please refer to our disclaimer before making your purchase and follow product guidelines. Product age restrictions are recommended by the manufacturer and approved by European Trading Regulations. All plastic packaging must be discarded and kept away from babies and young children. Please note pictures used for advertising are for illustrative purposes only, the individual items are subject to change. Although we are unable to guarantee contents of the kids busy bags, we have handpicked all items with your little ones in mind. Items have been sourced and shipped from UK. 

What's in a bag?

Our bags are created specifically to suit your child’s age group and include 10 items.

Our bags are crammed full of educational books, colouring and sticker books, reading books, play packs, arts & crafts, toys, activities to promote logical thinking and more. Designed with your little ones in mind to keep them occupied while encouraging screen free independent play.

Please note some products may be branded as only suitable for certain age groups and we use our discretion to include these in your bags if we feel they will be suitable. Always read the label before giving these to your children.

What type of activities and products will I get in my bag?

In order to appeal to the different learning styles of children, we have included various activities across different educational platforms and have tried to ensure age appropriate activities will be included in the bags.
Each bag will contain a selection from the following products:

  • Building sets to encourage spatial awareness and develop problem solving skills along with gross and fine motor skills.
  • Dough based products to help develop fine motor skills, encourage creativity and promote calming play time
  • Colouring books to encourage hand eye co-ordination, develop hand strength and aid focus and relaxation
    Sticker books to encourage creativity, hand-eye coordination and sensory exploration
  • Arts and crafts to increase dexterity, aid creative thinking, imagination and hand-eye coordination
  • Games to encourage social play and improve cognitive and social skills
  • Toys to engage a child’s imagination and encourage role play
  • Educational workbooks to learn new skills and facts
  • Reading books to develop early literacy skills and to learn to value books and stories
  • Puzzles or Logical activities to enhance concentration, shape recognition and problem solving skills


Will I get everything that is featured in the picture of the bag on your product page?

Images of bag contents are purely for illustrative purposes only and will vary. The contents of each bag will differ depending on what products are available. However, bag contents will contain an educational or reading book, colouring and sticker books, craft items, logical activities, toys and more. Bag contents may be different to those shown in our product page.

Are there age restrictions of your products?

Our bag age groups are a suggestion and we recommend parental supervision at all times. We would ask you to review bag contents before giving the bag to your child and please dispose of any plastic packaging to prevent choking hazards. Please purchase age appropriate bags due to safety risks of contents. 

Which bag age group should I choose for my child?

Our bags are not recommended for any children under the age of 1 due to choking hazards, and we recommend adult supervision for all other age groups. Please check items before giving the bag to your child to ensure that the contents are suitable.

If you are unsure of which age group to purchase, we suggest choosing the younger option. For example, if your child is only just 3 years old, the age range of 2-3 years may be more suitable instead of purchasing 3-5 years.

Where are your products shipped from?

All of our products have been imported from UK and are held in warehouse facilities in Kuwait. We will deliver your order to your front door using our professional delivery service.

Do you deliver worldwide?

We deliver to GCC countries including Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon. There will be additional shipping charges for countries outside of Kuwait. Cost will be dependent on shipping location and will be calculated at checkout.  

Need more help?

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